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As the warm weather returns so we can expect an influx of various parasites, bacterial diseases and infections due to the pond water rising in temperature.  Over the years we have been in various discussions with Koi experts and vets and the consensus is that these diseases and infections are on the rise in South Africa and could be fatal to your entire collection.

The three main transmitting factors are air, water and birds.  We are not able to control the air born and bird aspects but what we can offer is our tried and tested Spring Treatment.
It is extremely important to conduct spring treatments as this eradicates all the parasites that cause those problems e.g. ulcers etc.  This keeps your koi in pristine condition during summer with no outbreaks of disease (PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE!).
Day 1    Fluke Away added to water to eradicate skin and gill flukes
Day 3    Malachite Green and Formalin to eradicate all other parasites
Day 5    Fluke Away to eradicate eggs from skin and gill flukes
Day 7    Malachite Green to ensure that Day 3 treatment has eliminated all parasites and their eggs
Day 8    Backwash / Water change of 20%
Day 10  30% water change and add Pristine to re-seed the filter

Please note … If you have goldfish in your pond we would NOT suggest the spring treatment.  The Fluke Away may kill them.
Acriflavin & Salt (3% – 3kg per 1000L) is a good alternative Treatment for goldfish ponds.

Pristine is a non-toxic, non-pathogenic, bio-friendly pond treatment of beneficial bacteria for both the filters as well as the immune system of your koi.  It re-seeds the biological filter as well as reducing ammonia and nitrogen levels.

30th Spring Treatment.2(red)

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