Custom Built Aquariums

Our aquariums have been perfected over many years and are manufactured in our workshop.  All tanks are built to international safety standards.

Quality and fast delivery are our top priority.

All aquariums are designed to prevent evaporation therefore moisture damage to cabinets and lights is eliminated. Special built in filter compartments hide ugly pipes, heaters, pumps etc.

You only see your fish and decorations. Just the way it is supposed to be.

Filters are quick and easy to clean and can be built in virtually any part of the aquarium that you choose. We will even advise on the best options to ensure optimal water circulation and filtration. Sump filters and free standing canister filters are available as alternatives to our built in systems if preferred.

Our cabinet designs change the aquariums into decorative furniture. Gone are the days of metal stands and plastic canopies, your aquarium will be the focal point of any room, whether against a wall or even as a room divider.

A wide range of tank and cabinet combinations can be viewed on our showroom floor.

We offer the ultimate in design and functionality with a big variety in styles and finishes – all available with or without built in filtration options. We have designed and perfected our built-in filtration system over many years to reduce the maintenance efforts, costs, and efficiency of the aquarium.

Some of the advantages and benefits of aquariums with built-in filtration:

  1. Easy accessibility – you can see when it needs attention. Renewal of filter material takes 5 minutes.
  2. Filter compartment is large so cleaning intervals are typically 3 – 4 months.
  3. Filters contain large quantities of high quality activated carbon which allows aquariums to be stocked after only 2 days of running.
  4. Heaters are housed in the inlet compartment where water flow is greatest, resulting in an improved  distribution of heat.
  5. No unsightly equipment, pipes, heaters, etc. are visible in the aquarium – only fish and décor

Traditional filter methods i.e. canister filters (hang-on types), etc. are available if preferred.

All aquariums are available with or without built-in filters. Besides cabinet tanks, we also stock aquariums on metal stands in varying sizes, typically from 300mm long to about 1200mm long.

We manufacture all our aquariums and cabinets on the premises, where glass is cut to size from sheets of clear float glass ensuring large savings in cost and delivery time. No custom aquarium job is too big or too small – we have manufactured and supplied custom fish tanks for over 20 years.

Whether you want a standard size aquarium or an aquarium customised for your specific needs, whether to stand against a wall, in a corner of the room,  or even to be used as a room divider, contact us so that we can provide you with in-depth advice on how we can get your specific requirements manufactured by our competent and experienced team.

We deliver, install, and provide regular monthly maintenance if required.